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How to Keep Your Toddler Warm During Winter Months

How to keep your toddler warm during winter months

One of the most common challenges to be parents is to keep your kids warm and cozy during the cold winter days. Toddlers are more vulnerable to cough and flu because it’s more difficult for toddlers to regulate their body temperature in winter. So, it’s important for parents to know what to do in order to help their baby maintain a consistent body temperature. Read on to know how to keep your toddler warm during winter months.

Dress Your Baby Right

Toddler girl jacket & coat
Toddler girl jacket & coat

The best way to keep your little princess warm in the winter season is dressing her in “easy to put on and remove” clothes. However, instead of overloading your kid with many heavy layers of outfits, you can simply use a jacket or a coat when she is outside. This also means you don’t have to remove too many clothes when your toddler is inside. Also, the trick here is to dress your child in one more layer than you. So, in case you might worry a toddler jacket is not enough, just let your toddler wear one more layer of tees or tops. If you are looking for stylish and cozy jackets or coats for your toddlers, we recommend you try, a reliable destination for toddler clothing.

Set the Room Temperature Right

To make sure your toddler doesn’t feel too cold or even too hot in winter, try keeping their room at a comfortable temperature (usually between 18-21°C). Also, we recommend using a room thermometer to check the correct temperature. Ideally, your toddler room temperature should feel cozy even for a lightly clothed adult.

Use a Sleeping Bag

In case the weather is too cold, dressing your kid in more clothes might be not enough to keep them warm. In order to help your toddler feel the most comfortable and enjoy a restful sleep on those freezing nights, a thick swaddling blanket or sleeping bag (also known as a wearable blanket) is required. Additionally, if your kid tends to kick the blankets off while sleeping, this method can help you with that.

Keep the Wind off your Toddle

The position of the bed in the room affects how comfortable your toddler will feel during their sleep. So, make sure your kid’s bed or crib is several feet away from air vents, fans, and outside walls. Plus, always fully close any windows and doors to prevent cold air from entering the room.

Cover Your Toddler’s Head, Hands, and Feet

The human body loses a lot of heat through the head and hands. So, it is really important to have a toddler knitted cap, mittens, and socks to give your toddler an extra layer of warmth. And, if your baby is a thumb sucker, baby and toddler mittens are the must-have item here.

Preheat the Bed before Sleeping

If you find out that the room is just too cold, then you should consider creating a warm and cozy sleeping space for your child by preheating the bed. To do that, you will need to place a hot water bottle or heating pad over the bed sheet at least 30 minutes before you put your little one to sleep. Most importantly, you need to check the bed temperature before laying your toddler down to avoid overheating or burns.

We hope these tips can help you to keep your toddler warm during the coming winter months. Also, if you have any questions or other tips, just let us know in the comments!

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